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Gary Baseman offers you a nostalgic and eerie tribute to one of America’s favorite holidays through his personal collection of vintage Halloween pictures. In Nightmares of Halloween Past, he presents for the first time his unique collection of found vernacular Halloween-themed pictures collected over the last 20 years. 

First edition
Genre: Art / Photo
Language: English
Cover: Hard cover, selective varnish
Interior paper: Conda Matt 150g
Pagination: 288 colors pages, selective varnish
Format: 7.7 × 9.8" / 196 × 250 mm 

Nightmares of Halloween Past by Gary Baseman

“I call her Boo, the little girl in the homemade ghost costume standing proudly alongside her peers. At that mid-twentieth-century Halloween, I imagine that she begins her initiation into a secret order joining the big kids on the block. Boo participates in a holiday that permits dead souls, devils, and witches—not evil characters, but pseudo-scary ones that are there for fun and play.”
  —Gary Baseman

On March 20, the artist Nathalie Lété asked to her fans to send her a pic of their favorite toy, and then chose 60 of them to make beautiful pieces of art. Beloved Toys is a 128-page, large-format book, covered with a pale pink cloth, which collects all these drawings, the photos that inspired them, and the stories that accompanied them.

First edition
Language: English / French
Cover: Pink cloth and debossed title
Interior paper: Munken Lynx 150g
Pagination: 128 colors pages
Format: 9.2 × 12.3" / 233 × 312 mm

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